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Mobile Command Post

Greenville County is fortunate to have a high-tech, state-of-the-art Mobile Command Post as one of its disaster response and recovery assets. This vehicle greatly enhances our ability to effectively deploy personnel and resources at the scene of an incident. Once dispatched to a disaster or emergency site, this vehicle provides instant, on-site communications, command, and control of assets. The vehicle is equipped with satellite telephone and Internet communications capabilities in the event local and cellular telephone service and broadband Internet are not available, a mobile repeater station for 2-way radio communications, conventional high-speed internet access, video capabilities, and a conference room. An on-board electrical generation system provides power in the event of local utilities disruptions. This vehicle can operate as a stand-alone facility or work in conjunction with the Emergency Operations Center.

The Mobile Command Post can also be utilized for search and rescue operations, major fires, chemical spills, storm ravaged regions of the county, major crimes, and tactical situations. This vehicle can be used in virtually any disaster situation that requires on-site multi-agency emergency coordination.