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Emergency Operations Center

Three essential factors involved in the protection of lives and property during times of crisis and disaster, are speed of response, effective communications, and efficient management of personnel and resources.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the physical location where emergency management and support personnel come together during an emergency to coordinate response and recovery efforts, and allocate available resources. The EOC is equipped with redundant communications systems, radio, video, satellite, and multi-source Internet access. These cumulative capabilities allow the EOC to function as the data collection and dissemination point for response and recovery efforts during disasters. The EOC can remain fully functional even in the event of total power and/or conventional communications failure.

The EOC brings together decision-makers from the public and private sector to coordinate the flow of information and develop response and recovery strategies. A variety of organizations and governmental agencies send representatives during EOC activations. The size of EOC representation depends on the type and severity of the emergency. If circumstances require, Greenville County also has a state-of-the-art Mobile Command Post that can be taken on site to coordinate activities of first responders and emergency management personnel.