Clandestine Lab Course

Dates: September 18-22, 2017

Time: 0800-1700

Location: TD Convention Center, Room 203

Registration for this course is on a first come, first serve basis, with a maximum capacity of 20 students. Please do not sign up if you cannot attend 100% of the course, as there is an anticipated waiting list for this class and future classes. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be placed on a call out list and expected to respond upon request and authority of your agency.

This course is offered on a split track. Those who are not certified hazmat technicians will be required to attend all five days. Those who are certified hazmat technicians will only need to attend the final two days, Thursday and Friday.

 There will be a lunch break each day. Lunch is not provided.

  • Objectives
    • By the end of this course, students will be able to operate inside of a clandestine laboratory environment and identify specific hazards related to each of the three types of manufacturing processes that will be taught to include methamphetamine, indoor marijuana grows, and psilocybin.
    • Students will receive the necessary training to meet OSHA standards 1910.120 for operating in specific hazardous environments.
    • Students will receive information on methods used by offenders to conceal and protect clandestine laboratory environments.
    • Students will receive training on chemical composition and hazard identification.
    • Students will receive training on evidence collection and preservation as well as courtroom testimony specific to clandestine laboratory environments.
  • Disclaimer
    • Students will be receiving the required training to operate in a clandestine laboratory environment which is required by CFR 1910.120. This is not a full 40 hour Hazardous Materials Technician course and does not meet the requirements established to operate at a technician level. After completing this training students should only attempt to operate in environments which are consistent or similar to the training that they have received.
    • Prior to the class, students should have received a respiratory physical which is compliant with CFR 1910.134 and CFR 1910.130. If a respirator fit test is required still, one can be performed during the class to meet OSHA requirements. It will be the responsibility of the students agency to supply a respirator similar to what the student will be wearing while on duty for this class. If the agency cannot supply a respirator, then an MSA G1 face piece will be supplied during the course for use.
Clandestine Lab Course Registration